Cédric Beaulac

Post-Graduate Stories

Cédric Beaulac on Genetic Correlates of Alzheimer’s Disease Subtypes

Cédric’s project explores ways to identify an individual’s predisposition to develop Alzheimer’s disease in the future.

Program: CANSSI Distinguished Postdoctoral Fellowship

Project Focus Areas

In order to better identify an individual’s predisposition to develop Alzheimer’s disease in the future, Cédric aims to combine existing statistical inference tools with deep learning. 

Cédric will create hybrid models and empirical-data-based statistical models (deep models). This is done to learn the individualized and complex interplay between genetic markers, neuroimaging Alzheimer’s disease phenotypes and clinical measures.

Cédric Beaulac (left), Farouk Nathoo (right), Faisal Beg (bottom)

Getting to Know Cédric

After completing his Master’s Degree at the Université du Québec à Montréal, Cédric was awarded the Alexander Graham Bell Canada Graduate Scholarship. This allowed him to pursue a doctoral degree at the University of Toronto, where he worked under the supervision of Professor Jeffrey S. Rosenthal. 

Cédric’s research interests lie at the intersection of statistical sciences and machine learning. While working on his thesis, Cédric developed expertise in probabilistic graphical models such as variational autoencoders and state-space models. He studied the theoretical foundation of such models, developed new model architectures, and employed them to solve problems in different fields such as survival analysis and image analysis. 

As a recipient of the CANSSI Distinguished Postdoctoral Fellowship, Cédric will work under the supervision of Professor Mizra Faisal Beg at Simon Fraser University and Professor Farouk Nathoo at the University of Victoria. 

This project is the perfect opportunity to further develop a research program in image analysis using techniques emerging from both the statistical sciences community and the machine learning community. I’m looking forward to the start of the postdoctoral program.

About the Supervisors

Farouk Nathoo

Farouk is a Professor and Tier 2 Canada Research Chair in Biostatistics for Spatial and High-Dimensional Data. His research group works on statistical modelling and computation, as well as Bayesian methods for biomedical data.  This research is focused on spatial and spatiotemporal data and the analysis of imaging data.

In addition to having published 43 papers and given over 70 invited talks, Farouk has served as a member of NSERC’s peer evaluation group for mathematics and statistics. He has co-edited three special issues on the analysis of neuroimaging data and big data analysis, and is currently an associate editor for the Canadian Journal of Statistics and a topic editor for Entropy.

Faisal Beg

Faisal Beg is a Professor in the School of Engineering Science at Simon Fraser University. His research interests include computational anatomy, non-rigid registration of medical images, shape analysis and the statistical atlas of anatomical shapes, and parallel computing applications to medical image computing.


Genetic Correlates of Alzheimer’s Disease Subtypes is a CANSSI Distinguished Postdoctoral Fellowship project. This two-year program includes a substantial research project, applied interdisciplinary and teaching experience.

CANSSI Postdoctoral Fellowships are supported by a competitive salary. They provide opportunities for professional development and prepare postdoctoral fellows for success in a variety of careers.