Dr. Estep (Don) is the Director of CANSSI, Associate Dean for Research for the Faculty of Sciences, and a Canada Research Chair (Tier 1) in the Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science at Simon Fraser University. Learn more about his scientific interests and activities.

My research is aimed at providing statistical and mathematical tools to help humans understand and predict the real world.


Combining theory and computation, Don’s research is focused on the development of mathematical and statistical methodologies to draw inferences about complex physical systems, predict their behavior, and quantify uncertainties in the results.

With a strong interdisciplinary component, Don’s research provides scientists and engineers with the tools to tackle challenges that have significant societal importance. 

  • Ecology
  • Material Science
  • Launch Vehicle Trajectories
  • Detection of Black Holes 
  • Heat Transfer
  • Fluid flow
  • Communication Networks
  • Modeling of Fusion Reaction
  • Analysis of Nuclear Fuels
  • Hurricane Storm Surge Forecasting
  • Flow in Porous Media
  • Mining
  • Electromagnetic Scattering


Don’s sustained commitment to professional service with an emphasis on community organization led him to become involved with CANSSI. This is based on the belief that:

– Grassroots organization of community input into research support is needed for science to thrive  
– Progress across science and engineering depends on successfully advocating for the central role of research in statistical sciences
– It is a responsibility of academics to undertake such activity