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Nominate Someone for the CANSSI Board of Governors

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Do you know someone whose experience and perspective would make them a valuable voice on the CANSSI Board of Governors?

CANSSI’s Board Nominating Committee invites you to nominate individuals to represent the statistical sciences and CANSSI stakeholder communities as a Board member (normally for a three-year term).

The individuals you propose do not need to be associated with CANSSI’s institutional members, and you do not need to contact them before submitting their names for consideration.

The Board Nominating Committee will use your suggestions to finalize a slate of candidates for presentation to the Board and the institutional members, taking into consideration the need to ensure that the board is balanced according to several factors.  

Deadline for suggestions: Sunday, February 18, 2024

Please send your suggestions to Louisa Benhamida, Scientific Coordinator, at

About the Board of Governors

The Board of Governors is responsible for overseeing all of CANSSI’s activities. This includes approving the appointment of the Director and the Deputy Director and advising on strategic planning and governance. Board members also participate on a number of sub-committees.

The Board meets four times a year. The voting members are representatives of the scientific and stakeholder communities. Elections for the Board take place at the Annual General Meeting.

You can find the list of current Board members here.