Atlantic Climate Research Collaboration

The Atlantic Climate Research Collaboration (ACRC) began in November 2023 as a partnership of Research Nova Scotia (RNS) and CANSSI.

One project was jointly supported during the initial launch phase. The program is now managed by CANSSI Atlantic.

The ACRC initiative supports projects that tackle complex problems related to climate change and its impacts on coastal communities.

Program Overview

ACRC-funded projects investigate climate change impact on coastal communities and opportunities for mitigation and adaptation that have the potential for immediate impact on society.

The program provides support for research projects that have a significant component related to developing new fundamental statistical and inferential data science methodology and models and/or applying statistical and data science methods and models in innovative ways. It has several goals:

  • Foster and support research and training that spans postsecondary institutions and disciplines in Atlantic Canada
  • Provide an inclusive environment that draws in faculty, students, and application partners from across Atlantic Canada
  • Create collaborative research teams that outlive the program itself

CANSSI Atlantic manages the program. Funding is expected to be between $50,000 and $100,000 per project; funded projects must conclude by March 2026.

How to Apply

In 2022 and 2023, there will be three intakes per year (Fall, Winter, Spring).

Applications for Intake 1 (Winter 2022) closed in February 2023. The next intake is planned for Fall 2023.

Stay tuned for details on how to apply.

We Are Here to Help

We encourage you to consult with CANSSI Atlantic regarding your potential application before submission.